What if Jesus was just a Prophet?

As Christmas approaches many around the world will be enjoying Christmas day as a time of celebrations with gifts and family get-togethers. Shops will be filled with Christmas Carols and special Christmas sales. People relived to have a public holiday. A time to rest and reflect on God's great gift to humanity. Not so in the Muslim world. For 1.6 billion people, Christmas day will go unnoticed. No public holiday, no gifts, no carols, no family get-togethers. It will be business as usual, a normal Wednesday at work.

What if Jesus was just a prophet? What if the Messiah was not born? What if the angels never said 'you will call him Immanuel, God with us'? What if God never loved us in such a way that he became a child, to live and be among us, to feel with us, and then die for us? What if Jesus was just another man? Just a messenger, a prophet? Then I guess Wednesday the 25th would be just a normal day.

Praise God that Jesus is indeed more than just a prophet. He is our saviour, our Lord and God that makes the 25th a day worth pausing and rejoicing. As you enjoy this special day, please remember to pray for the 1.6 billion that would have passed the 25th unknowing the significance of the Messiah's birth.


Cross-Cultural Worker, Middle East